Unlisted/NZAX Announcements


181101 Partial Sale of Shareholding in Speirs Foods Limited

181017 Letter to Shareholders re Notice of 2018 Annual Meeting and Availability of 2018 Annual Report

180730 Conditional Partial Sale of Shareholding in Speirs Foods Limited

180406 Sale of Shareholding in Rosa Foods Limited

180220 Appointment of Grant Thornton as SGL Auditor

180116 Letter to Shareholders - KPMG Resignation


171218 2017 AGM Voting Results

171218 Chairman's Address to the 2017 AGM

171116 Letter to Shareholders re Notice of 2017 Annual Meeting and Availability of 2017 Annual Report

171020 Letter to Shareholders re Delayed Reporting

170630 Refinancing of Redeemable Preference Shares

170210 Letter to Shareholders Regarding Half Annual Report and Transition to FMCA


161121 2016 AGM Voting Results

161121 Chairmans Address to AGM

161109 Property Sale

161003 Investment in Advaro

160628 Notice To Shareholders - Post Approval

160627 NZX Delisting

160530 Special Shareholder Meeting - Delisting, Documents Sent to Shareholders 31 May 2016

160513 Intention To Delist From NZAX

160201 Director Update (PDF, 228KB)


151130 2015 AGM Voting Results (PDF, 224KB)

150727 Final Sale of Remaining Allied Farmers Shares (PDF, 334KB)

150629 Settlement of Amounts Owing from Allied Farmers (PDF, 344KB)


141030 2014 AGM Results (PDF, 230KB)

140911 New Director Appointed (PDF, 237KB)

140731 30 June 2014 Consolidated Annual Results Guidance (PDF, 368KB)

140509 Prebreak - Finance Business Restructure (PDF, 404KB)

140314 Successful Partnering with Maui Capital (PDF, 450KB)

140123 Settlement with Allied Farmers now Unconditional (PDF, 190KB)

140107 Prebreak re Allied Settlement (PDF, 116KB)


131220 Conditional Settlement with Allied Farmers (PDF, 213KB)

131216 Refinancing Completed (PDF, 158KB)

131211 Finance Business Partnering Prebreak Announcement (PDF, 668KB)

131126 Invoice Financing Prebreak (PDF,228KB)

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